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The Daily Prophet, 1 January, 1999 - The deepest definition of youth... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Incendio...A Harry Potter RPG

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The Daily Prophet, 1 January, 1999 [Jun. 10th, 2005|08:13 pm]
Incendio...A Harry Potter RPG
Diagon Alley Strikes Back
Locals defend from You Know Who's Attack

DIAGON ALLEY, LONDON - It was just after midnight on New Year's Day when Mrs Dolores McDowell heard a banging noise downstairs in her Diagon Alley shop. McDowell, who owns and lives above Fairy Dust, Ltd., looked out the window to see what was going on and watched a group of black-cloaked figures trying to break into her shop window.

McDowell, 182, is part of the English Wizards' Defense League, an informal group of citizens concerned with the apparent inability of the Aurors to adequately contain and capture the followers of You-Know-Who. Upon witnessing the attempted break-in, she activated a signal to alert other members of the League. Within moments, Defenders were pouring out of nearby buildings, some in nightclothes. After a scuffle, two of the suspects were in citizen custody. DMLE officers arrived to remove the culprits. Only minor injuries were sustained by anyone.

DMLE spokesman Alistair Curran praised the community spirit of the organisation but warned against too much celebration. "Don't go getting all cocky," he said. "This is what Aurors do, and it's what they're trained for. We don't want anybody else getting hurt."

But a member of the Defense League disagrees. "We're just doing what the Aurors won't, or can't," he says. "We know that Harry Potter's joined them now, and maybe that'll make things better, but we're English. We take care of our own and we're not going to wait around getting picked off for someone else to do it!" The speaker requsted that his name not be given, as the identities of the League members are not public at this time.