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The deepest definition of youth...

is life as yet untouched by tragedy

Incendio...A Harry Potter RPG
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The website is a bit out of date with regard to character availability and position--use this list instead until I can get it fixed. :)

As of the release of Order of the Phoenix, this game is AU. New canon that does not interfere with game continuity can be incorporated.


It began like this:

Harry Potter has barely escaped with his life – again.

Harry and his best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger have just finished the first week of their sixth term as students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. On this clear, crisp Autumn day, Harry decides to take his Firebolt out for his daily circuits around the Quidditch pitch, but his beloved broom is nowhere to be found. He scours every corner and closet and is beginning to panic when he sees a note lying on his bed. He could swear it wasn’t there before. Assuming he’d just overlooked it earlier, Harry shrugs off the strange appearance, as he finds the note is from Ron:

Hope you don’t mind that I took the Firebolt for a spin. It’s such a great day to fly and I hated being cooped up in here watching Hermione study. I’ll leave it in the broom shed for you when I’m done. Thanks, Harry!


Harry finds it odd that Ron would leave the Firebolt in the shed rather than bring it back to Gryffindor Tower, but nonetheless runs to the pitch to retrieve his broom. Harry is relieved to find his Firebolt safe and sound and propped up against the shed wall. Madame Hooch arrives and shoos Harry away, as she has to ensure all the school brooms are up to standard for another year. Harry is barely halfway back to the castle when a huge explosion rocks the grounds. Harry turns back to see the broom shed consumed in flames and he runs to the castle for help.
Read on...

And that was only the beginning. From the moment the broomshed went up in flames, everyone at Hogwarts new this would be the most dangerous, most exciting, most tragic year ever.

And so it has been. Mysterious dream-visitors, kidnappings, possessions, deaths, even a murder by a student—it's only March, and the year has seen all these things. Not to mention the usual romances, tests, and mundane worries of hormone-ridden teenagers. We hope you'll join us in a game both social and adventurous—come and play Incendio!

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An extended version of "Incendio" Guidelines and Posting Rules will be emailed to every player upon acceptance into the community.

To Apply
E-mail the mods – please put "Incendio" somewhere in the subject line – and include the following information:

1. Name (and current LJ, if you have one)
2. Email address we can reach you at (please use one you regularly check!)
3. Name of Desired Character
4. Brief biography/concept/history of your character: A few paragraphs is fine, and please include things like what classes they're best at, if you want them to play Quidditch, and if they are pureblood/halfblood/Muggleborn. You might also include some family history and a bit of psychology.
5. Short sample journal entry: Don't worry, this won't be the one you're starting out the game with! It doesn't have to have anything to do with the actual current plot unless you want it to. It just has to give us an idea that you understand how this whole format works.
6. Any ideas about the direction you want your character to go.
7. Prior RPG experience: Keep in mind it's not necessary to have, we're glad to take on new players and we're happy to answer questions and groom you all into perfect little role-players. This just gives us an idea of how much we can expect to do that, and also if it's likely you'll have other game obligations besides this one.
8. Anything else you think we should know, or any questions you want to ask!

Disclaimer: by submitting a player application you confirm that you’ve read and agree to abide by the "Incendio" guidelines.

If you are chosen to play, you have one week to set up an LJ account for your character and make your first post before we put the character up for grabs again. You'll be added to the OOC community, and then LJ will send you a notification you can use to accept it.

Applications will be reviewed as they come in; please allow us a week to reply -- the four of us need to read it through, discuss it amongst ourselves, and come to a general consensus about it before accepting/rejecting!

The Mods

Available Characters

Some characters have previous histories. To check these, investigate the website under 'histories'. We do try to be adaptable, but some things are difficult to go back and erase for an entire canon.

Gryffindor House

7th Years:
Ginny Weasley – (available)
Colin Creevey – cameraboy2 (available)

5th Years:
Dennis Creevey – dennis_c_menace (available)
Natalie MacDonald --

Slytherin House

5th Years (?):
Malcolm Baddock - m_baddock

Ravenclaw House

7th Years
Luna Lovegood - loon_lovegood

Hufflepuff House

[no IC students]


Hermione Granger – Defence Against the Dark Arts -- hermiones_quill
Padma Patil – Potions - ravenclawlotus
Conner Skrive - Runes - futhark_ansuz
Minerva McGonagall – Transfiguration; Head of Gryffindor House – tabbymagus
Charlie Weasley - Care of Magical Creatures - dragontamer_cw
Oliver Wood – Flying; Quidditch Coach – coach_wood
Sibyll Trelawney – Divination -
Arabella Figg – Muggle Studies –
Filius Flitwick – Charms; Head of Ravenclaw House –
Prof. Sprout – Herbology; Head of Hufflepuff House –
Prof. Binns – History of Magic; Ghost –
Prof. Sinistra – Astronomy; Head of Slytherin House – avgiasteri
Prof. Vector – Arithmancy –
Irma Pince – Librarian –
Poppy Pomfrey – Nurse – mediwitch_pomfr
Argus Filch – Caretaker –

Remus Lupin – Ministry of Magic Employee – wolfmanremus
Sirius Black - mister_black
Harry Potter – seekerharry
Ron Weasley – the_best_friend
Percy Weasley - clockworkdigits
Seamus Finnigan - Quidditch Chaser - finn_again (available)
Dean Thomas -
Neville Longbottom – nev_l
Parvati Patil – p_patil
Lavender Brown –
Draco Malfoy - purebloodheir
Vincent Crabbe –
Gregory Goyle –
Pansy Parkinson – ease_of_heart
Millicent Bulstrode – selvaggio_mil
Blaise Zabini – IN AZKABAN
Luna Lovegood - loon_lovegood
Terry Boot – Chaser - Head Boy -- brashbootboy
Mandy Brocklehurst – brocklehurstm
Lisa Turpin –
Sean Fawcett – sean_a_fawcett
Kevin Entwhistle -
Ashton Moon - ashtonmoon
Michael Corner - corner_shadow (available)
Severus Snape - sev_interrupted
Justin Finch-Fletchley - keeperjustin
Hannah Abbott – Quidditch Seeker - hannah_abbott_
Ernie MacMillan - Quidditch Chaser -- ernie_z_mac
Susan Bones –
Joshua Dorny - Quidditch Beater - joshua_dorny (NPC)
Megan Jones -
Fleur Delacour (Pucey) - fleursijolie
Bill Weasley - curse_breaker
Cho Chang Weasley - ravenseekercho
Fred Weasley - bloomin_fred
George Weasley –
Lee Jordan –
Angelina Johnson –
Katie Bell – kbee
Alicia Spinnet –
Marcus Flint – marcusf
Penelope Clearwater –
Adrian Pucey – adriatic_c
Roger Davies –
Terence Higgs - exseekerhiggs
Lucius Malfoy - Minister of Magic - mastermalfoy
Narcissa Malfoy - ladynarcissa
Arthur Weasley - Vice-Minister of Magic -
Molly Weasley -